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Access Support

Microsoft Access can greatly simplify the way your business or organization does business. All of the information you need regarding vendors, clients, members, or constituents is in one easily accessed location. Many databases can be connected to your organization෥bsite so that your associates and employees can access the information they need regardless of location. However, many groups are apprehensive when it comes to using Access, simply because training and support can be difficult and costly.

Using Access support programs, you can easily get just the information you need without having to search through pages and pages of data. PST Corporation can provide your organization with customized database support software tailored to your organization੮dividual needs. A support program can give you a printout of recent vendor invoices received, or a chart showing the amount of constituents you have in a certain area of town. Without these support programs, someone would have to manually retrieve and compile all of this information, which can be quite a time-consuming process.


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Membership Database

Do you wish there were an easy way to keep track of and communicate with members of your organization? A membership database can help streamline the task of membership management. When this database is Access-based, you can easily import and transfer information between Excel and Word, making the job of addressing newsletters and creating monthly reports much simpler. More importantly, you wonਡve to change a multitude of files when a member changes his or her address or phone number.

Many associations can lose members due to a lack of regular communication. A membership database can make it easier to stay in contact with your members. A database can be set up so that contact information such as phone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses can be easily retrieved. This information can then be used for distributing newsletters, bulletins, and invitations for upcoming events. Adding volunteer contact information to your database can ensure that the tasks of community outreach and event planning are adequately staffed.

Make Your Members Count with a Membership Database

The process of invoicing members and collecting monthly dues can be simplified using an Access-based membership database. No longer will you have to worry about sending duplicate invoices or billing members who have already paid. Because a database is so easy to use, many of the mundane tasks including invoicing can be delegated to volunteers or other employees, enabling you to focus on more important issues and assignments.

PST Corporation can customize an Access database for your association. There is a PST support package to fit your needs, regardless of membership size and budget. If you would like to see just how one of these support programs can benefit you, you can download a free video or evaluate the program for 30 days. If you଩ke more information, call PST Corporation today at 800-457-9326.

Membership Organization

The task of membership organization can be an overwhelming one. Many organizations keep track of their members using a variety of different programs and file formats. While this may be effective initially, problems can be created when it is unclear which program has the most recent information. When your information is not up to date, you are not effectively communicating with your members. How much money has your organization lost due to invoices being sent to the wrong addresses?

Data entry can be a time consuming process, especially when there are multiple lists and files that need to be updated. Conducting your membership organization tasks on multiple lists may ease your mind in the event of computer failure, but it can cause countless headaches when this information has to be compiled and analyzed for monthly reports or meetings. Imagine how many work hours your organization would save by doing away with the task of reconciling each different membership data list.

Membership Organization Is Easy with Association Manager

An Access database can help you organize your membership quickly and effortlessly. Many groups are afraid of organizing their information using Access because it can be difficult to learn and manage. Hiring an independent consultant to create a database for your association can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the time required to train the staff on how to use Access. With Access support software from PST Corporation, you wonਡve to spend hours learning how to use database software.

PST Corporation can take your existing membership data and transfer it into an easy to use Access database. PST Corporation೯ftware support programs make Access easy to use and understand, so that an employee with only basic computer skills will be able to successfully handle the task of data entry. PST Corporation gives you the ability to evaluate their product in your office or home for 30 days for a few dollars. PST Corporation has a variety of membership organization support programs to fit any budget and any organization, regardless of scope and size. If you଩ke more information, call 800-457-9326 today.

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Maintenance Database

A maintenance database can improve the way you keep track of equipment and inventory, making your overall operation more efficient and cost-effective. When you manage a large fleet of vehicles or other heavy duty equipment, it can be easy to lose track of what parts need to be ordered and when maintenance needs to be scheduled or conducted. When machinery isn෯rking, you lose money.

With a CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System in place, you젮otice that you堭ore able to prevent small problems from becoming bigger, more expensive ones. A computerized system can enable your field workers to quickly record and report any problems they experience using equipment or other tools. A database makes it easy to record the mileage of each of the vehicles in your fleet so that you can plan ahead for needed maintenance and upkeep.

Keep Things Running Smoothly with PSTڕD Maintenance Database

Repair costs for heavy machinery can be expensive even without taking into consideration the money you lose due to equipment downtime. A maintenance database can help you keep on top of regular maintenance to help minimize the risk of machinery failure. A database can also help you keep tabs on inventory levels so that the chances of running out of a needed part are minimized. With the right database, you can print out reports detailing which items need to be reordered, along with the contact information for the vendors who supply those parts. You can use a database to monitor those employees who are clumsy or have a tendency to lose equipment by adding data fields that show which employee checks out certain items.

With PST CorporationڕD or Zero Unscheduled Maintenance Database, you can better manage the expenses associated with vehicle, machinery, and equipment maintenance. Other database systems are difficult to learn and are not easily integrated with your other software. PST Corporationडtabase support programs are Access-based, making the information seamless with Word and Excel. You can evaluate the ZUD program yourself for 30 days for a low price. You can also download a free video file showing you this program in action. If you଩ke more information on how PST Corporation can help make your business better, call 800-457-9326 today.

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Non-profit Organization Database

A non-profit organization database can help your organization better manage its assets and clients. It can be hard to keep track of clients in need of assistance and the availability of interns and volunteers. Many non-profit organizations have staff members that do not work full time, and because of this it can be difficult to keep everyone informed and on the same page.

Non-profits can become more efficient and leverage their manpower and assets with a well-constructed non-profit organization database. Occasionally, grants and donations come with conditions or target certain demographics. A non-profit organization database will give you the ability to sort your clients and constituents by any number of factors including income, location, and age. A database also enables you to easily retrieve contact information for targeted groups or people without having to search through mountains of paperwork or stacks of files.

Help More People More Effectively Using a Non-profit Organization Database

Databases formulated specifically for non-profit organizations can help you evenly distribute the benefits among the population. You can use Access-based reports to track where donations are going and which areas or people are still in need of assistance. Sorting clients by zip code can help you determine where to establish outreach centers or satellite offices so that you can fulfill your mission more effectively.

PST Corporation can provide your non profit organization with affordable Access database support software that is easy to use and manage. PST can customize a database based on your organization஥eds and outreach goals. We can easily import your existing tracking and client information into the database program so that you and your staff can pick up right where you left off. You can try out the software yourself by requesting our FREE single-user program to see how much easier it is to manage all of your organization੮formation using one program. If you଩ke more information, call PST Corporation today at 800-457-9326.

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